Please note — we've pushed the date of this talk out
from February 13th to next week, Thursday, February 20th
{ same time, same place } due to today's extreme weather conditions

Thursday, February 20 2013 — 6:30pm
The Trustee’s Room — 11th Floor, The Tower Building

Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Thursday Night Lecture Series

Hear and experience some of the great artists and scholars
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A storyFirst Approach
to Human-Centered Design
lou suSi — designer

Please note — we've pushed the date of this talk out
from February 13th to next week, Thursday, February 20th
{ same time, same place } due to today's extreme weather conditions

Most people think of Design as the product of an activity — as 'The Design'. But my personal and political stance as a lifelong experience design professional sees Design as something entirely different.

I define Design as a living, breathing and active process to create significance in the world.

At its best, the profession of Design leverages an inclusive, cross-functional design team — along with external, collaborative design participants — in a time-based and extensive set of customized, iterative and evolving design processes that allow us to make thoughtful, critical daily design decisions — contextually, people-informed decisions — that shape, mold and ultimately guide the artifactual remains of all the living work we do.

An additional note for your consideration — I see Design in a far more holistic light than most, and I consider Design to be a wonderful, mysterious force that can help us all — to not merely make a living but to also make a better, more significant life.


About lou suSi
lou is an accomplished experience design professional with over 20 years as a practicing professional designer in the industry. He currently focuses on user experience, design education and leadership, public speaking, performance art and cyberSurrealism.

As a graduate of Dynamic Media Institute — MassArt's amazing, future-forward graduate design MFA program — lou extended certain aspects of the original Surrealist movement as a means to actively investigate our relationship with and through technology, critically evaluating our presentday human experiences in an increasingly machine-integrated and self-fulfilling, evolutionary technohumanic ecosystem.

His MFA thesis book — confounded: future fetish design performance for human advocacy — leveraged prototyping, guerilla research techniques, design and performance art to amass a first-person collection of qualitative data through storytelling to inform his quasi-scientific findings, resulting in some rather humorous insights into our supposed ‘progress’ as a society dealing with The Information Age.

lou's previous professional lifetimes in his daily design work include stops along the way at Avid, Monster, Mobiquity, Schneider Electric and WebEx Communications. He currently contributes to the experience design initiatives of Sallie Mae's Web Strategy team as UX Manager.

For the last 3 years lou also taught MassArt's course in Interaction Design for the Continuing and Professional Education department as part of the Design Certificate sequence. His previous teaching engagements include Web and other design-related curriculum and coursework at UMass Lowell, TechBoston, MassArt, Endicott College, SMFA and ArtScience Prize at Cloud Place.


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